MFI cable product recommendation


MFI cable product recommendation

What is MFI certification?

MFI certification is a kind of logo license of Apple Inc. For the external accessories manufactured by its authorized accessory manufacturers. It is Apple's made for IOS "made for iPod," made for iPhone, "and" made for iPad "refers to the electronic accessories specially designed for connecting iPod, iPhone and iPad respectively. And these accessories have been authorized and certified by apple to meet the performance standards of Apple products. Apple will not be responsible for the operation of the device or its compliance with safety certification standards.

We are MFI certified factory

The following recommend several MFI products of our company:

1. Imitation of the original series

1:1 with original MFI data cable in appearance and function

2. Dabai series, C89, C94 series MFI products.

TPE material, overall white design, simple and generous.

3. W pattern series, C89, C94 series MFI products.

W pattern woven, aluminum alloy nylon woven material.

4. High swing and long tail series, C89, C94 series MFI products.

Aluminum alloy nylon woven material, lengthened SR design, 30,000 swing tests!

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