VIPAN (VIPFAN) is a factory brand that specializes in thedesign, development,production and sales of 3C digital acces-sories (power supply, data cable, audio, car products).The com-pany has more than 30 design and development personnel, whichwill be launched every month. Innovative products, with morethan 2,000 employees in supporting factories, more than 20,000square meters of factory area, and a monthly production capacityof 5,000,000 PCs, can effectively meet customer order require-ments,and the company's products have obtained multiplepatent certifcations and product quality certifcations. We canprovide customers with OEM+ODM+ brand output one-stopquality service.

Company positioning: To create a product innovation designcompany based on product quality assurance and consumer deepdemand. Our products must be both beautiful and easy to use.Each product is designed exclusively, continuously innovated,optimized materials,and precision manufacturing.To be a brandthat gives consumers lasting peace of mind.

We only need to produce and sell:


2.EU US PIN charger


4.Bluetooth Headset

5.Power Bank

6.For Car Products

7.Bluetooth Speaker

Finally, you can contact us at any time :

Our Alibaba:

Facebook:Ronghe Electronics Co.,Ltd

Mobile:+86 17638697253

ADD:NO.5 Lindong 3rd Rood,Lincun,Tangxia Town,Dongguan City,China.


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