Made in China, sold on Amazon' gadgets from Aukey, Mpowvanish from e-commerce site

2021-05-22                                                                                                                                                                                               has apparently blocked several prominent mainland Chinese merchants for alleged suspicious behaviour, in a move that industry insiders said is part of a targeted crackdown on questionable business practices sellers on the platform, including those based in China.

For over a week now, most Amazon listings from Aukey, a major Shenzhen-based electronics vendor, have been listed as currently unavailable.

Amazons recent action may be an effort to send a warning shot to bigger brands that the US platform will not tolerate such behaviour, said Ivan Platonov, research manager at EqualOcean, a China-focused investment research firm.


Amazon has been working for years to fight the problem, having banned incentivised reviewssince 2016.

In its 2020 Brand Protection Report, released on Monday, Amazon said it had spent over US$700 million and employed more than 10,000 people to crack down on fraud and abuse.

Last year, it prevented six million attempts to create new selling accountsand blocked more than 10 billion suspected bad listings, according to the report.


Therefore, in addition to Amazon, there is also an Alibaba website for the current global e-commerce platform. Our company mainly deals in data cables and charger products on Alibaba.


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