Liquid silicone data cable


Liquid silicone data cable

As the environment continues to change, people gradually pay more attention to protecting the environment. The data cable and other 3C accessories industries are gradually using some new materials to replace the original PVC and TPE materials to protect the environment.

Dongguan Ronghe Electronics Industry was established in 2009, Ronghe Electronics is a professional data cable charger manufacturer, the average daily production capacity of 220,000PCS,Annual sales volume reaches 300 million.The company has now obtained IOS.9001, ISO.14001, BSCI, Disney, Sedex and other certification and Founded in May 2015 Obtained Apple authorized MFI accessories production qualification. In the past few years, we have gradually introduced the production data line of raw materials that are not harmful to the environment. Among them, silicone wire is the representative.

1. Aluminum shell silicone wire: Aluminum alloy is used as the shell material, and the wire body is liquid silicone. It feels soft and can be recycled and reused. There is no difference in charging and functions from traditional data cables.


2. Striped silica gel: The entire data cable is made of silica gel.


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